Alternative Home Delivery Diets

There are many different home delivery meal replacement diets you could choose to help you lose weight aside from Nutrisystem. Here are some of the better alternatives.

alternative home delivered dietsBy home delivery kinds of diet, I am specifically focusing on those that send you ready made meals that you simply need to store then heat up when you need them.

While Nutrisystem is in my opinion one of the best services you can get for this purpose (and comes at a very affordable monthly cost), I have to concede there are some that have great benefits and some very good points, so this article takes you on a quick tour of some of them.

Bistro MD

Can you imagine a more convenient way to lose weight than to have all your meals actually delivered right to your door and not having to cook anything yourself? Many have said that they thought it would be a little strange doing it that way, but were willing to give it a try anyway.

It's quite common for the more popular delivery companies sent you processed meals which many found they didn't like the sound of. Checking around some more to find some companies that sent real, home cooked meals, I found Bistro MD and heard only good things about it, so that was a good reason to take a look at this diet program.

I was not disappointed either as the meals are actually really were good quality. The meals only come in batches of seven days at a time, which means you will have plenty of room in the freezer for them and you won't need to worry about keeping any in the fridge.

The other great thing was that you can change your menu order each week to something different so you constantly get a variety of great meals to eat. This is one aspect of the diet that is sure to keep you interested and lose weight the easy way without really doing anything to help it along. Now that's what I call convenience!


Medifast is a similar diet program to Nutrisystem in that it provides a really convenient way to lose weight through diet. It does so by providing you with all the ready made meals you will need to eat.

The meals come in easy to use, pre-packaged form and are delivered to your home in monthly packages of food. The main difference with Nutrisystem is that Medifast diets are geared toward calorie burning by being high in fiber.

The most popular version of the diet is the Five and One plan which provides five ready meals plus a diet sheet for you to prepare a fresh meal of your own from items bought from the grocery store. This extra meal is made up mainly from vegetables and the high fiber they deliver.

Like Nutrisystem or Medifast, there are several different meal plans suited to different groups such as men and women, teens, seniors, vegetarians, diabetics, people with gluten intolerance and some other highly specialized diets geared up for people with certain food intolerances or allergies. The bottom line is it is convenient and easy to work with


It would be a shame if there were no good diets to fit in with certain lifestyles, especially if yours is a busy one and you simply do not have much free time to devote to losing weight through your diet. But that doesn't happen because there are several good options available to everyone who needs them.

Losing weight should not be a hard task, but it should be something that comes easy and without any hassles. It stands to reason then that losing weight with eDiets is a reasonable plan if you are looking for something that has fairly good quality food, is simple and fits in with your life style.

This is one easy way to lose that extra weight because you really have very little to do with this program. There is no cooking or food preparation involved, so all you have to do is eat the food and watch the weight melt away. It doesn't really get much easier than that.

A lot of bad press has followed eDiets around lately and what was once a highly recommended alternative home delivery diet program is now not so well liked in many circles.

Jenny Craig

At this point, there is not much I want to say about this company as I believe it is over priced and over hyped to be a viable alternative to the much better and certainly much more affordable Nutrisystem. Sure I'm a little biased and JC is one of its main competitors, but I believe in heping people make the right decision for their needs and this is one program I do not believe in.

So there you have some alternatives that might be something you may consider before settling on any one program for losing weight. In the end, my own recommendation is still in favor of the diet that this website features and recommends.

Written by: Natalie Tuffnal