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Welcome to Nutrisystem Stuff! The whole reason for the existence of this site is to provide you with a resource where you can research and learn just about everything that you might ever have wanted to know about the Nutrisystem program and how the diet plans can help you to lose weight just as easily, effectively and enjoyably as possible!

authorThe author, Natalie Tuffnal is an expert, qualified weight loss therapist, dietitian and nutritionist. Natalie has been working with clients who need personal diet and nutrition advice to lose weight in her professional practice since 1995 and in that time has helped thousands of people.

Natalie is in collaboration with several nutritional experts, doctors and family clinics to insure that people get the best advice about their eating habits as possible. She became interested in the way the Nutrisystem diet works several years ago after realizing that many of her clients were failing to adhere to their dieting strategy simply because they d not have the time to follow it every day.

It became clear that certain people who lead busy lives needed a simple plan they could follow that didn't take any of their free time. Since the meals from this program were adequately nutritionally balanced and low in calories to provide a dieter with all their needs, the program was clearly working where traditional diets did not.

This inspired Natalie to find out all she could about the diet and pass on her knowledge and experience in recommending it to those of her own clients that were having trouble with the traditional variety. She also keeps a close eye on what Nutrisystem costs per month and displays an up-to-date chart of the various plans' prices on that linked page.

That knowledge, experience and advice is contained within the pages of this website, with more being added over time.

Expert Medical Consultant

The medical consultant of diet related articles published on this site is Dr Leon Perez, a family doctor as well as a nutrition, diet and metabolism specialist. She has consulted with Dr Perez to create a collaboration whereby articles created by the author are checked for their factuality and accuracy.

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Written by: Natalie Tuffnal

Note: All articles published on this website are original by the author and are the result of extensive research, knowledge and personal experience, while all opinions are that of the author alone.

Disclosure: As site owner I am an affiliate of Nutrisystem. I earn commission on products or services advertised on this website. However, you will find plenty of information in the articles published on this site which I have attempted to present in an unbiased and factual manner to help you to make the right decision as to whether those products or services are right for you and satisfy your individual needs.

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