Despite what many people may believe, losing weight shouldn't be so serious that it gets to be a total drudgery.

You can have some fun while you're working on reducing those excess pounds and one way to do that is to take a look at some motivational graphics that convey messages of hope and inspiration to give you a lift when you need it.

From my end, just writing about how Nutrisystem can do this or that to make losing weight so easy start to lose some of its sparkle. So to put the sparkle and zing back into my messages of hope, inspiration and motivation, I've teamed up with Pinterest to display my creative side!

Below you will find a collection of cool graphics that my designer has put together to help bring some color and excitement to dieting with America's favorite home delivery program from our perspective. They also appear on my Pinterest page here: Nutrisystem Natalie

The Images:

I hope you enjoyed browsing through my graphic collection of motivational Nutrisystem images. I'll be adding more over time, so please bookmark this page for future reference. Thanks!

How Images Can Help You Lose Weight

There are a few ways in which looking at certain images can help you to lose some weight. They need to be the right kinds of images and they need to elicit a certain kind of emotional response in you for them to be effective.

One of the most common kinds of images that people find themselves looking at are those containing slim, fit looking people who are generally models posing for certain themed pictures. They're often posted in glossy magazines or fashion websites and their purpose is usually to try and sell you something.

When you're overweight, looking at pictures of slim, good looking people sets off an emotional response in you. Which emotional response will depend on the individual and what their mindset is at that particular moment.

Generally, such pictures create a sense of, "Gee, I wish I looked like that!"

Actually, that's pretty close to being a good response. If you can create in you a sense of deep, burning desire to look as good as the people in those pictures, the chances are you're going to start thinking about how that can be achieved.

While many people at that point will start thinking about going to the gym and eating nothing but lettuce leaves (which will almost certainly lead to them giving up the idea right there), not everyone will get disheartened. Some will take up the challenge and start looking for how they can best go about making changes that will steer them down the path toward making themselves look as good as the people in those images.


The key here is motivation and what you need to create enough desire in you to make the decision to do something positive to make it happen. There's no doubt that a highly motivated person will do whatever it takes to get what they are motivated to get.

If that happens to be a certain look or body shape, they'll go all out to achieve it. The first place most people look is the gym. But while that's a great place to tone up the body, it's not the best way to actually lose weight!


The best course of action you can take to reduce your body weight is to change your diet. You need to stop eating all the food and drinking all the drinks that are loading on the extra pounds and start eating and drinking things that will cause those extra pounds to melt away!

The first place to look with a very critical eye is what foods you have in your fridge and stored around your kitchen that contain added sugar (or sugar substitutes).

You should do that before getting into the "carbs debate" because it's the sugar that's the main problem and how it gets converted into all that excess fat stored up in your body. Here's an example that you might well relate to:

If you drink a can of soda each day, there's a 400 plus calorie load per can that you can make a huge difference by cutting out of your life!

Here's another: cookies, cakes, candy bars, snacks all contain added sugars that equal a lot of calories. Ditch them all and watch your weight fall!

Just by doing those two simple things will get you started on your journey to looking like the people in the images you are so envious of.

Of course, to take it to the next stage, you'll need to then start working on your whole diet strategy. Controlling meal portion size, calorie intake and nutritional balancing etc will take you further toward your goal and that's where a diet program like Nutrisystem can help you.

Of course, as the weight continues to drop, you can start exercising to get your body toned up and how you go about that is your choice. Going to the gym or taking up a sport can really help you there.

And by making a daily exercise routine into a habit combined with a sensible, healthy diet can result in you looking as good (if not better) than those models in those pictures that got you started in the first place!