Despite what many people may believe, losing weight shouldn't be so serious that it gets to be a total drudgery. You can have some fun while you're working on reducing those excess pounds and one way to do that is to take a look at some motivational graphics that convey messages of hope and inspiration to give you a lift when you need it.

From our end, just writing about how Nutrisystem can do this or that to make losing weight so easy start to lose some of its sparkle. So to put the sparkle and zing back into our messages of hope, inspiration and motivation, we've teamed up with Pinterest to display our creative side!

Below you will find a collection of cool graphics that our designer has put together to help bring some color and excitement to dieting with America's favorite home delivery program from our perspective. They also appear on our Pinterest page here: Nutrisystem Natalie

The Images:

We hope you enjoyed browsing through our graphic collection of motivational Nutrisystem images. We'll be adding more over time, so please bookmark this page for future reference. Thanks!