Quick Weight Loss Soup Idea

There are some quick ideas for losing weight that come in several flavours, one being an easy to make soup that is filling but contains very few calories.

The idea behind this is that I'm only going to concentrate on what is regarded as being relatively safe and natural in this website.

low calorie cabbage soupIn other articles here at this site, I have touched upon some diet information that is helpful when losing weight whilst keeping a healthy outlook and making sure you only lose weight steadily, as well as recommending my favorite program, Nutrisystem.

So in this article, I will give you a great fat busting idea that you can use if you are overweight to help you shed those unwanted pounds.

All Natural

So what is this stunningly incredible method of losing weight fast that doesn't involve costly and potentially dangerous surgery or taking any pills or drugs of any kind?

Well, the natural way is best as far as I'm concerned as I don't place too much faith in pills or supplements. So here is one of the best natural ways that I know about to lose weight fast enough.

First of all, while I do not endorse any form of crash diet, or starvation diet as these are clearly dangerous and will not be successful in the long term, there is a form of short term quick diet that will help you to lose weight fast as long as you stick to it.

It centre's around a type of soup that you will need to eat every day for a week and if you can stick to this, you will lose a few pounds and that, in the natural order of things is pretty fast weight loss.

What's in the Soup?

The soup consists of cabbage mainly, with turnip, onions, carrots, celery, parsnips, broccoli and tomatoes. You can add as much garlic, black pepper and fresh herbs as you like but be frugal with the salt.

I personally have added several curry spices such as coriander, cumin, cardamom and fenugreek to give it a more tasty flavour and also chilies to spice it up. How you flavor it is up to you, but you can't add any potatoes or meat or fish and no bread is allowed either.

You can't add any dairy produce or eggs. While you're using this soup, you should definitely not eat anything sugary, like cakes, pie, cookies, chocolates or candy.

You can eat this sooup twice a day in place of main meals, although you can have a decent breakfast of cereal, oats, muesli etc with yoghurt or even dry wholemeal toast. You can eat as much fresh fruit with your breakfast and after eating the soup as you like, although the diet will work better if you avoid high sugar content fruits like bananas.

And no fried foods allowed!

Moderation is the Key

This is fairly nutritious soup and it will fill you up although you must stop the diet and return to more wholesome food after a week or you risk suffering from malnutrition!

This soup is used for heart patients to help them get some weight off fast before being prep'd for heart surgery. So there you have it. It's a really natural and fast way to lose a few pounds in a week.

Note: Do NOT continue on this soup diet past a week!

You can go back to normal food for a week or two then return to this diet for a few days at a time, but it's not to be used as a regular dieting solution. For regular dieting, it helps if you are aware of the many weight loss strategies that compliment any dieting program. There are plenty of these here in this site that are useful for improving your chances of success from so many different angles.

As for the cabbage soup diet to lose weight naturally, use it sparingly -- you have been warned!