NuMi by Nutrisystem

Do you want a diet solution that is personalized to fit your own unique lifestyle? NuMi by Nutrisystem is it! I review and reveal its amazing secrets, what it is and how it works!

First of all, let's get one thing straight. This is NOT the diet meal delivery service or a convenient ready-to-eat packaged meal program. You have to interact with it and use the recipes provided to make your own healthy, weight busting meals!

If you're interested in working this way, your way then this program can definitely help you to shed those excess pounds and start to shape up to look good and feel great!

What is NuMi?

The brand name is a play on the "new me" idea in that when you follow this plan. You can literally create a new you in a body that you want to be living in. It works in four especial ways that makes it different from all the other dieting programs that are out there.

If you are in any doubt as to the high level of pedigree back of this program, remember it is backed by no less than 40 years of expertise and know-how from Nutrisystem.

The Benefits of NuMi

So let's take each of the above points and expand on them so you can see for yourself the great benefits that you can enjoy when you choose to sign up for this program:

Healthy Meals Recommended

Based on your individual calorie goals, the program recommends healthy meals that will steer you on the right course to losing weight. This includes eating at home or eating out as you prefer!

The plan is truly individualized for your needs, so whether you have certain preferences or are vegetarian, vegan or need a gluten free diet, your needs can be specifically tailored to you!

The recipe count is already over 12,000 and includes meals from as many as 300 restaurant chains around the country offering cuisine from around the world. For example, there is Italian, Asian and Mexican cuisine to keep things interesting and different so you will never get bored on this program!

Expert One on One Advice on Losing Weight

There is a dedicated team that waiting to help you from start to finish and will be there all the way supporting and advising you whenever you need help. This service is in real time so there's no waiting around for emails or returned calls that never come!

You can use this service to track any problems you might encounter, including what has been identified as the three main behavior traits that can affect the success of your weight loss. You can get real time help and tips on how to avoid any slip ups or missteps along the way.

Exercise Recommendations in Real Time

Aside from what you eat, the amount of exercise you get each day is an important deciding factor on how effective your slimming journey will be. With this program, they understand that even as little as just 10 minutes exercise represents a great achievement and you should be proud of achieving it!

The team can recommend the right exercises to suit your needs based on your current fitness levels, where you are in your weight loss journey and even how much time you have available to you. This is a great way to earn calorie credits to put toward snack rewards you can have later, which reinforces your determination to do it!

Track Your Progress

The real-time tracker keeps you on-track and shows you how you're doing whenever you want to see for yourself. It works each time you choose one of the recommended meal options, log an activity in the program or a "Moment" and the program simply absorbs all that information and breaks it down for you into actionable insights.

It gives you a valuable window into how you are doing as you're doing it, logging how you overcome emotional, physical and nutritional hurdles along the way. It's a great way to help you stay focused and keep yourself on track toward your own personal weight goal.

What Does NuMi Cost?

Update 2021: The good news is that the function of the app has changed from its original model to one that compliments your Nutrisystem diet plan.

The app can be downloaded to your phone so you can track your progress through your diet, for no cost when you have a Nutrisystem account!

Are There NuMi Coupons or Discount Codes?

Since Nutrisystem has moved away from the old payment model for the app as a separate diet tracker, there are no codes or coupons for getting a discount.

Since the old prices are now void, you can choose to download the app and create a user account for MuMi once you have already signed up for a Nutrisystem account and your first diet plan to match it with.

NuMi Mobile Smart Phone App

The great news is that when you sign up with this program, you get full access to a great mobile app that means you can keep track of your diet as well as interact with the support section from wherever you are. As long as you have your phone with you, there is a direct link to your plan, support and advice group and all the great tracking and recommendations that form this great program.

The app is available for both iPhone or Android and you can also use the live chat function from your smartphone so you're always connected!

This is great if you are already out of the house and you decide to stay out and eat at a restaurant. Simply open the app and type in "eat out" and you'll get meal recommendations based on your personalized plan for restaurants in your area based on your location. You can even get directions on how to get to the restaurant you choose. How cool is that!

The app also comes with a handy bar code scanner that allows you to scan food packaging in the store. This way you can see if an item fits within your nutritional and calorie guidelines or if you should put it right back where it came from!

How to Sign up for NuMi

Signing up for this program could not be simpler or more straight forward right on the official NuMi site. First, however, you need to sign up for a Nutrisystem account.

You can easily do that by clicking/tapping the linked advertisement banner image below and the official Nutrisystem website will open where you can get started right away.

Disclosure: Advertisement paid by Nutrisystem Nutrisystem

Are you ready to lose weight your way?

Written by: Natalie Tuffnal

What People Are Saying About Nutrisystem NuMi

Plenty of people are already well underway with their NuMi diet plans and the general consensus is that they love it! I've had several people write in to me already wanting to talk about how they are getting on with this program.

Whether you like to read other people's opinions of things or not is a personal taste thing. So if you're not too keen to spend your valuable time reading what others think, don't bother reading any further and instead get started yourself and use your time to lose that weight you've been promising yourself!

Of course it can be interesting to hear what others think about things, so for those that don't mind taking a peek at what some folks are writing about, I have reproduced the emails by permission with the real names and contact details removed.

Numi User Opinions, Reviews and Things They Want to Say

Below are the emails people have sent me. If you want to add your own, please remember this is not a blog so you can't leave a comment. Email me at the address below and I'll include your own version of how you're doing with NuMi in a direct copy/paste with no alterations.

PS: I can't reply directly to emails, but will provide a response where necessary right here so readers can benefit.

The first email is from Angelina in CA and she had a lot to say:

Hey Natalie,

I heard about Nutrisystem being a great way to lose weight by going on a diet where the company delivered all your meals to your home and you didn't have to cook anything yourself. I looked into it but wasn't too set on the idea the food was mostly processed and lots of people were commenting that it was OK but not that great. I like making my own meals so what I really needed was a diet plan where I could make my own food but also have expert support to help me stay on track. I heard about Numi and decided to sign up for the three month plan.

It sounded great to me, so I was interested in getting started as soon as possible. I got all the detailes I needed and started in earnest. I'm aiming at losing 35 pounds in all, but I'm in no real hurry to get there as long as I do get there and its not tough or restricting. I started a week ago and made their suggested meals which were really nice and already I'm four pounds lighter than when I started!

At first I was a little skeptical like I am with all diets, but this one id good and I like the easy contact with support and using the forum to connect with other folks on the plan. I guess I've already made up my mind this is exactly what I was looking for in a diet. I'm really excited about what this program will do for my waistline, which let's face it has been expanding a little too much for my liking just lately. I guess all the business lunches and lack of exercise have taken their toll over the last year or so.

But now that I'm in a new job, I have more control over where and what I eat, so its the perfect time to lose the fat and start getting back into some kind of decent shape again. I really think that the food being freshly cooked at home is the key for me and none of that processed mush for me!

I have to say that I like my food and I'm happy to go with this style of eating for the sake of cutting down the calories and meeting my goal. Its already like a new lease of life and I can't wait to get out and buy some new clothes to fit the slimmer me!


The next email is from Christine in WA and she sounds really stoked about NuMi.

Hey Natalie,

I just wanted to write you and say I started Numi 3 weeks ago and I love it! Please publish my email on your website. For any folks reading this I just want to say if you're on board with making your own food and you want to lose weight, you definitely need to do this. I'm not missing out on anything and love my meals and I already lost 11 pounds. Yeah, 11 pounds! I am so stoked! I sign in to the forum every day and read what everyone's saying and its mostly real positive. The cost is really cheap I'm paying monthly so its hardly anything compared with the weight I'm losing on it. It is so worth it. Thanks!


Next up is an email from Joan in NJ who is also doing really well on her personalized diet plan.

Hi Natalie,

I'd been looking at the many different ways that I could lose some of my excess weight for a while now. I decided that my best line of attack was to get hold of a collection of the really good diets and try to put my own program together using the information I had acquired through my researches. Well I found NuMi and it was exactly what I was looking for! I signed up for the 3 monthly plan because it looked very affordable and I figured that in 3 months I could lose the 20 pounds that I had set as my target.

I've been doing it for two weeks and it seems to be working very well for me. I've already lost 6 pounds which is way over the amount of weight I expected to lose! That puts me right on schedule for achieving my target. The support is great too and have helped me refine my diet to really suit what I like to eat without going over my daily calorie count.

Working with a basic diet sheet seems to be best for me as I was never much good at working with anything that was too complex or too demanding. I always said, "Why make things more difficult for yourself than you need to." I know that's the truth, especially when it comes to doing anything in life. So why should losing weight be any different?

So the simplest ways are best me as I'm seeing great results already and the best part is I'm not having any trouble in sticking to their plan. That must be because I like to work the way that I like to work, I guess. Well, for anyone else who thinks they need to make a simple task into a tough one, just follow the simple methods NuMi uses and you'll soon see why keeping it simple is the best policy.


I just got this mail from Audrey, FL who has something really important to share with you about not so much what you eat but how you eat it:

Hey Natalie,

I just wanted to contact you and tell you an amazing thing I found out while doing this Numi diet so you can share it with your readers.

Way back in my past, or at least it seems that way, I still hadn't learned how to eat in the most sensible way to maintain a healthy weight and physical condition. That's not to say I didn't know how to use a knife and fork, because I sure did. The problem was I used them too quickly and found myself eating at a crazy rate, finishing my food and cleaning the plate before the other people around the table had gotten half way through theirs!

But now I know differently after starting a course on Numi two months back. I discovered that you can actually eat slowly and lose weight if you do it the right way. I figured out the general theory behind this is that what you want to achieve is that your brain knows your stomach is full as it happens. When you eat fast, you can overfill your stomach before your brain has a chance to register it as full, leading to excessive weight gain due to over eating.

So everyone, eat slowly and you will find you will eat less food overall--as crazy as that sounds it's true! I know I did and it made a huge difference to the way I felt. No more having to suffer that bloated feeling after a meal, or needing to go sit down for an hour or so because I was feeling tired and lethargic. Now I have more energy than ever before and I have lost that spare tire that I had been carrying around for years. What a great, yet simple solution to weight problems. Thanks Numi!


And just today I received an email from George, MN who changed what he was eating dramatically thanks to the Numi recommendations and it changed him completely:

Dear Natalie,

I'd love it of you printed this email on your Numi page because I think you wrote the best review of Numi I ever read and I want to share my own success with you.

First a bit of background: If it wasn't already tough enough to try and lose the excess weight that had been piling on over a period of several years, I have had to battle against arthritis and the very limited mobility that was the primary cause of that weight gain. I needed some serious weight loss to happen in a way that would enable me to make my diet the prime focus of how I was going to reverse the situation.

Well, after doing some extensive research online, I stumbled upon Nutrisystem but didn't want to eat packaged meals from the microwave. Then I saw they had this Numi diet where you make your own food they recommend and I was interested enough to sign up and give it my best shot. I started the diet almost 3 months ago, for the record.

That gave me a pretty good strategy that started to help me beat both the weight problem and in doing so alleviate the pain of the arthritis which was exacerbated by trying to move such a heavy body around on already damaged joints. It's a long term plan for sure, but one that has so far proved at least partially successful.

Well I radically altered my diet to cut out a lot of carbs and all the refined wheat products that the experts at Numi told me were the prime suspects in causing the weight gain. With that I drank only green tea and plain water, while avoiding all highly acidic foods. The weight started slowly coming off and as I started to feel better I started doing some light exercises. Stuff like working with light dumbbells while seated as in the beginning I was not too steady on my feet. I wanted to get my legs working but to begin with I just didn't have the strength in them to walk more than a few steps unaided. I was in a pretty bad way, right? Well, things got better faster than I expected.

After about three weeks of doing this I started walking around the house more and then ventured outdoors. I was just walking up and down the street to start with but as I got stronger, I began to walk further and faster. Today, almost three months later I've lost what I consider to be a lot of weight--36lbs to be exact from a starting weight of 206lbs--which looks a lot better on my 6ft frame when I look in the mirror. I'm much more mobile than I've been in years, so this strategy certainly worked for me so far. I'm sticking with the diet plan and trying to drop another 20lbs before Christmas if I can.

I just want to let folks know that no matter how tough you think it might be to lose weight and especially if you have a physical disability you think is stopping you, it can happen if you just make up your mind to do it and then do it.

Thanks Natalie,

I received this email last night from Annie, TX who wanted to share her experiences which, after some false starts in trying to lose weight too fast finally found the right strategy in Numi:

Hey Natalie,

I want to share with your readers what happened to me when I started by going about losing weight all the wrong way and then how I found Numi and I'm really proud of myself right now.

Back in February this year, I was feeling fat and unlovely after a festive season blow out on food that piled on several pounds to my already overweight figure. To make matters worse, I had been given an invite to a big party that was being thrown by the neighborhood's most popular couple and I desperately wanted to look my best, which meant I needed to lose a lot of weight real fast.

Well, I got online and found some fast weight loss information to help me to do that. I had just three weeks and wanted to lose a massive 30 pounds in that time. As unrealistic as that might sound, I was convinced I could do it. My family told me that it was a real bad idea to try and lose so much weight so fast, but I was determined to do it and set about placing myself on what amounted to a starvation diet, completely ignoring the advice I had gotten from the people that cared about me most.

"What do they know?" I remember saying defiantly when this was pointed out to me, so in the end they just left me to sink or swim by myself. Well, I managed to lose 18 pounds in that time, which was only just over half of what I had set my goal as, which made me miserable as ever. I looked drawn and ill and had slept badly in that time because I was going to bed hungry. I went to the party which I thoroughly hated every minute of and left early. When I got home, I ate a huge plate of snacks from the fridge and kept on eating. Inside a week or so, I had incredibly put back those 18 pounds plus gained another two and had no intention of letting up with the crazy eating.

Well by April I managed to get my life back on track and stopped overeating and gorging on junk food but although my weight stabilized I wasn't losing any. I had grown to more than 60lbs overweight and was becoming desperate again, trying one fad diet after another, none of which were working for me probably because I wasn't sticking with one for long enough. I continued for another three months like that until toward the end of June I found this Nutrisystem diet called Numi.

I signed up and started working with the support people who really helped me and gave me the confidence to stay with my personalized eating plan and not expect big losses over the short term but to take it slow and steady. Well you know its now coming up to 4 months and I have lost 30 lbs, which is almost half the weight I gained earlier in the year. I am determined to keep going until its all gone no matter how long it takes.

This just goes to show that trying to lose weight too fast is definitely a big mistake and you should take it at a sensible pace. I learned my lesson but it took getting professional help from a diet company that knows their business and knows how to help people like me. I hope your readers cam take something from my story and probably relate to in in some ways.

Thanks for printing this (if you do, that is) and sharing it with your readers.


I received the following shorter email from Tina, FL who has this to say about her diet:

Hi Natalie,

I loved the idea of trying the Numi diet after I read about it in your review I found after seeing an ad on TV and doing some research online. I signed up three weeks ago and so far I'm doing real good. I lost 5lb so far and that with eating nice meals no different in size to my usual except the ingredients are a whole load healthier! I don't feel I'm missing anything so I'm sticking with this one! Great review!


This note came from Alex, NJ who says he has been having some success with his diet:

Dear Natalie,

My name is Alex and I am 72 years old, 5 feet 10 inches and have always kept a medium build weighing a steady 140 pounds until recently. After the passing of my dear wife 8 months ago, I lost several pounds through not wanting to eat much of anything for the first few weeks. Eventually I came around and resumed normal eating with the exception that I had gained a craving for sweet, sugary foods that I never had before. I gave into my cravings and over a period of 3 months managed to not only regained the weight I had lost, but added another 16 pounds!

I felt fat and tired all the time with no energy and no drive to do any exercise. It was at this point (3 months ago) that I decided I needed to change before I exploded out of my clothes and put myself on the waiting list for diabetes among other obesity related diseases which I certainly did not want.

A friend recommended Nutrisystem but I could not face eating processed meals, not even the frozen ones that come with their premium packages. I have always eaten home cooked food and I was not about to change that. Then I saw an advertisement for Numi and it got my attention. I signed up for it right away because I liked the idea of being told what I needed to eat without having meals forced at me.

I am happy to report that I have in that time lost all 16 pounds of unwanted fat and am happy at my old weight of 140. My clothes all fit again and I have more energy. I feel much healthier and better prepared to get on with the rest of my life, whatever it may bring.

Thank you Natalie for reading this and hopefully you will find space to include it in your page on the Numi diet.


I'll be printing more as they come in.

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