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Nutrisystem Cost: Per Month/Day (America's #1 Home Delivery)

In this article I look at the current Nutrisystem cost per month and per day. Is America's #1 home delivery meal replacement diet as affordable as it is convenient and easy to do?

Read on and discover the surprising truth that Nutrisystem diet plans start from just $279 per month (women's Basic Diabetic plan), which is affordable!

Key Takeaways

Below is a summary of the discounted auto-delivery cost of women's and men's diet plans per month (28 days):

  • Women's Plans:
    • Quick 9: $363.72
    • Uniquely Yours: $339.99
    • Uniquely Yours Max+: $379.99
    • Complete 55: $390.14
  • Women's Diabetic Plans:
    • D Basic: $279.79
    • D Uniquely Yours: $339.99
    • D Uniquely Yours Ultimate: $389.99
  • Men's Plans:
    • Quick 9: $399.989
    • Uniquely Yours: $374.99
    • Uniquely Yours Max+: $424.72
    • Max Vitality: $429.07
  • Men's Diabetic Plans:
    • D Basic: $324.99
    • D Uniquely Yours: $374.99
    • D Uniquely Yours Ultimate: $424.99

Disclaimer: The author is an affiliate of Nutrisystem

Obviously, you want to be able to afford to lose weight and lose it easily and conveniently.

Read on and I'll give you a more detailed look at just how surprisingly affordable this popular, simple and effective weight loss solution can be for women and men!

What Are You Paying For with Nutrisystem?

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Nutrisystem review

Just before we get into the details and the good stuff, it's important to understand what it is you'll be paying for with Nutrisystem.

Nutrisystem costs from around $279 per month for the women's Basic Diabetic Plan when you order using auto-delivery and take advantage of the initial 50% OFF offer. This works out at around $3 per meal plus $1 for the snack bar.

If you don't already know, this diet company ships a full four weeks supply of food in each batch. And each shipment contains everything you need to succeed.

You get three full meals per day plus a protein shake and snack bars. These meals on their own provide everything you need to lose weight and feel satisfied and not hungry at all.

When you compare what it would cost you for all your food for those four weeks if you bought them all from the store, it is easy to see how much money Nutrisystem actually saves you!

How Much Do You Spend on Food Now?

It might seem like a strange question, but I want you to think about how much you're spending on what you eat and drink each day.

Do you even know for sure?

Well, here's a little exercise to get you thinking about this, because it's important.

Get a pen and paper and add it all up. That's all of the food you eat in a day, staring with breakfast. Remember to include stuff like fruit juice, coffee, bread, sauces and condiments, you know, everything!

Move on to that mid-morning snack, then lunch, the afternoon snack (if you have one), then your main meal and dessert and maybe more snacks later on while you're sitting in front of the TV.

If you're eating everything at home, just take a look at your weekly shopping bill. That should give you a good idea of what you're spending all that money on!

how much does nutrisystem costIf you're eating out most days while you're at work, try keeping a copy of your restaurant checks or making a note of what you spend on takeaway sandwiches or hot dogs etc. That way you'll know for sure what it all comes to (and where it all goes to).

I'm willing to bet that even if you consider yourself a reasonably average eater, you're spending upward of $20 a day, right? Maybe $30 a day if you're eating out some of the time.

In fact, for a family of four, the USDA recommendation food spend for a week would be between $131 and $197 for thrift people, rising to $206 to $246 per week for a moderate cost.

The point of all that? I'll get to it now.

Remember I started this article with the words, "obviously you want to lose weight." The harsh truth is whatever you're spending each day on eating and drinking is contributing to you being overweight.

The kicker is: As long as you keep spending it on your daily routines, you're not going to get any thinner!

You need to change those eating habits and starting a Nutrisystem diet can help you to do just that.

"But I can't afford it," I hear some say. Others complain, "It's too expensive," or some other excuse.

The reality is you CAN afford it because it's not anywhere near as expensive as what you're spending each day on the food you eat now. The food that is keeping you overweight and slowly but surely making you even heavier!

Monthly Nutrisystem Price

Let's start with the lowest cost plan available today. The monthly cost of a Nutrisystem D basic regular 28-day diet plan for a woman from Nutrisystem is currently the cheapest of all the 28-day plans (when you select auto-delivery).

We're talking a base figure of from around $10 a day for the women's Diabetic Basic Plan. What did you calculate an average day's worth of regular food you're eating now is costing you? My guess is that it's probably 2-3 times that figure, isn't it!

The Nutrisystem for men plans cost slightly more because they contain an additional snack bar per day to increase the daily calorie count to 1,500.

You can increase the selectivity level of the plan and opt for the 28-day Uniquely Yours plan which will cost around a dollar per day more than the cheapest plan for Women or Men respectively. For this you get a wider choice of meals and the ability to choose your own menu from the selection available.

So if you want a higher rated plan with better food options, the Uniquely Yours plan is a great option. It includes fresh frozen meals and ice cream desserts and also comes with the flexibility to choose your own menu from their huge selection of over 100+ meals.

Top Rated Diet Plan

If you want the top rated plan, Nutrisystem have introduced the Uniquely Yours Max+ plan which includes all the great fresh frozen meals and the yummy ice cream desserts of the regular Uniquely Yours plan plus their new Nutri-Pro shakes.

You still get the flexibility of choosing your own menu from a massive selection of over 100+ meals.

As for the cost of this Nutrisystem diet plan, well it's a little more expensive at just over a dollar a day more than the regular Uniquely Yours plan for both men and women, as you'll see from the chart below.

Of course, while this article is recent and current for February 2024, there is always the slightest chance that the company may change its prices before I get a chance to update this page.

For that reason, I recommend you click here to visit the official Nutrisystem website to make sure you get the correct price before you decide upon which diet plan you want.

Which Plan Will You Choose?

There are a number of benefits of the Nutrisystem diet that you'll discover as you learn more about it, not least of all the fact that there are several different diet plans available to suit different tastes, dietary needs and budget.

Whether you're a woman or a man, there are three main Plans available that you can choose from, plus full-plan options for vegetarians and diabetics. But which one will you choose?

Here is a quick look at each one to give you some pointers:


The Basic plans were the lowest cost options available for both women and men. nutrisystem quick 9 planThey were fully contained diets and perfectly great for those on a tight budget and were designed to help you get in shape in the easiest possible way.

However, this plan has been discontinued to be replaced by the new Quick 9 plan, described below:

Quick 9 Plan

Replacing the Basic plan is the new, Quick 9 Plan

All the meals for a 14-day period are delivered to your home (that's 3 meals a day plus snacks and protein shakes) and full instructions are provided to make it as easy as it can be.

You get free FedEx shipping (with auto-delivery) plus you get access to the great online tracking app that helps you to track your progress via a smart phone, tablet or your home computer or laptop.

This plan is a step up from the old "Basic" one as it includes frozen meals from the higher plans and comes with the promotional promise that you can lose up to 9 pounds your first two weeks!

Sp the meals are a combo of pre-packed and pre-selected from their menu of shelf-stable meals plus fresh frozen choices to bring much asked for improvements to what has always been the lowest cost plan provided by the comany. The biggest change though is going from a 28-day shipment plan to a 14-day shipment. This means you can save more by paying for 2 or 3 shipments together in advance using the auto-delivery service. Or you can simply pay the full retail price for each single shipment and be free to stop anytime without penalty.

What does the Nutrisystem Quick 9 Plan cost? See the chart above!


The Core plans used to be the next step up from the "Basic" options. They cost a little more but for the small increase you get access to much more for your money, while still having all the benefits of simplicity and effectiveness at helping you lose weight and get in shape as easily as can be.

However, things change and the Core plans have been superceded with the following two newer plans:

Uniquely Yours

Some people, especially those that are accustomed to eating home cooked meals, will naturally prefer a better class of meal. That's when you may prefer to pay a little more and go with the top level Uniquely Yours plan.nutrisystem uniquely yours

The popular Uniquely Yours plans are the best quality in terms of Nutrisystem meals and benefits. The meals are fresh-frozen providing the highest quality in terms of taste and make-up while being the most varied with a selection of over 100+ different meals to choose from.

You can choose which meals you include in your 28-day menu. There's a first month option of selecting the "Favorites Menu" of pre-selected meals if you haven't tried the diet before (and don't know which ones you prefer), or choose the "Custom Menu" of you feel like selecting your own meals.

You get free FedEx shipping to your home, free access to the online tracking app and unlimited access to their expert counselors and dietitians.

For most customers choosing this plan, the biggest attraction is the huge selection of over 100+ fresh-frozen meals that make up the 28-day menu. When you're eating good quality meals, you feel good and watching the pounds melt away week after week is just the best thing ever!

What does the Nutrisystem Uniquely Yours Plan cost? See the chart above!

Uniquely Yours Max+

If you thought you had reached the pinnacle of excellence with the Uniquely Yours plan, think again! Nutrisystem has upped the stakes by releasing one better, in the all-new Uniquely Yours Max+ plan for men and women.

All the benefits you may have become accustomed to with the regular Uniquely Yours plans are still there, but with this you are treated to the all-new, one-a-day Nutri-Pro Shakes designed with probiotics to support lean muscle mass and help to shrink your belly. That now makes it the "best plan" of all!

What does the Nutrisystem Uniquely Yours Max+ Plan cost? See the chart above!

Nutrisystem Vegetarian Plan:

The Nutrisystem Vegetarian Plan was specially formulated for dieters who choose not to eat any meat and provides a great and varied menu of over 90 vegetarian meals.

However, new for 2023, this plan has been discontinued. So far no justification info has been released by the company, but I'm sure they'll let us all know why this has happened in good time.

Nutrisystem Complete 55 Plan:

nutrisystem complete 55 planA brand new plan has been created for 2023, aimed at women over the age of around 55 to satisfy the specific nutritional needs of that age group.

You can lose weight with their three month plan that is based on your age, nutritional requirements and metabolism.

This plan is advertised as being designed in partnership with Marie Osmond, who says,

"More than looking good, it's about feeling good."

The plan features meals that are designed to control hunger for up to 5 hours while providing all the good, healthy nutrition that you need for a healthy and well looked after body.

The all-new Hearty Inspirations® meals are said to be packed with protein and flavor to make for great tasting meals that keep you feeling satisfied.

The specifics of this plan are that in the first month, you get 7 days' of meals per week meaning all your food requirements are covered. You get access to their best menu variety of meals to keep things interesting and tasty while you lose weight.

From month 2 qnd beyond, you get 5 days' of meals per week to help you keep losing weight while you can have two days of yoru own meals that you prepare under guidance from Nutrisystem. This is to make the plan more enjoyable while keeping you within the calorie and nutrition limits that you need to lose weight.

What does the Nutrisystem Complete 55 Plan cost? See the chart above!

Nutrisystem Vitality Max Plan:

This is an equivalent plan for men age 50 or over to the women's Complete 55 plan. As for the girls, this plan provides additional nutritional aspects for older guys who need certain additional things in their diet.

This plan works the same way as Complete 55, except it is designed for guys over 50 and provides all the nutrition you need in a menui that is both varied and exciting!

Nutrisystem D (Diabetic Plans):

nutrisystem d cost per monthThe Nutrisystem D (Diabetic) plans have been specially formulated for the dietary needs of those suffering from diabetes. There are three main diabetic plans available.

You can choose this from the Basic, Uniquely Yours or Uniquely Yours Ultimate versions depending on your budget or tastes. Then you can take advantage of all the great features that come with the plan you select.

These features are the same for each plan as above in the regular plans (see above).

That means you get:

What do the Nutrisystem D (Diabetic) Plans cost? See the chart above!

Where to Get Nutrisystem?

A really important question now is, "Where to get Nutrisystem?"


From a Store maybe?

There are a few options like going to a major store like Wal-Mart and buying the 5- or 7-day kits at a discounted price. This could be a useful way to try the meals before committing to a full 28-day pack delivered by the company itself.

The only problem with trying a small pack for only a week is you don't have the same level of commitment to the diet as you would if you went for the full product direct from Nutrisystem.

Think about that for a second. How easy would it be to simply quit after a week if there was even the slightest thing about it you didn't like?

What's the point of going on a diet if you're not committed to losing weight?

None! A seven day diet is hardly a diet at all.

That's because your body doesn't get the chance to grow accustomed to eating less and eating nutritious, healthy meals!

After a mere seven days of eating easy-diet-meals then stopping, you'd just go straight back to your old eating habits. Then you'd almost certainly regain any weight you'd lost plus a few extra pounds for your trouble!

My advice (and you'll get the same from most dietitians) is to benefit from long-term weight loss and management, you need a good three months at least on a specific diet plan. That way you get to teach your body to get accustomed to eating the right way to maintain your slimmer look.

The way to do that is to buy Nutrisystem direct from the company itself: Nutrisystem! You can order online via their website and take advantage of the current money off promotion they run frequently. See the promotional image link that I posted a little further down the page:

The body also needs to get used to eating a healthier kind of food, with a higher content of dietary fiber. This can lead to cases of Nutrisystem gas/flatulence and some bloating in the first few days but it soon abates.

Does it Work?

Does Nutrisystem work? It sure does when you stick to the plan and stay on it for a reasonable length of time, meaning at least two months or longer.

That way, you will see visible results on how much weight you can lose with Nutrisystem over time and how much easier it is keeping that weight off long term.

Buy Nutrisystem Online

The great thing about this program is how incredibly easy it is to sign up and get started quickly when you order online direct from Nutrisystem website.

It's the most effective way of losing weight and getting back into the kind of shape I'm sure you want to be in. Plus you can take advantage of the current promotional discount that's on offer for a limited time.

There are plenty of good reasons why you must start a Nutrisystem diet, least of all because it's great for jump-starting your journey to a slimmer, great looking YOU!

All that's left is for you to choose which plan best suits your needs, your budget and your tastes. Get started today and make it your goal to be slimmer and healthier inside three months - you CAN do it!

Just to make that easy for you, all you need to do is click your mouse (or tap the screen if you're viewing this on a touch screen device) on the promotional image banner below to see for yourself how very affordable this diet really is:

Disclosure: Advertisement paid by Nutrisystem Nutrisystem

I have a sneaky feeling you are going to be pleasantly surprised at what you discover. It may seal your decision to go with Nutrisystem as your weight loss solution and since you are already on their page, you can sign up and get started right away!

Why Auto-Delivery?

The Nutrisystem Auto-Delivery service is an option that saves you money off the regular retail price of all the plans.

What it does is simply set up an automated re-shipping process that sends out your next month's package of food to coincide with the last day of your current month of food so you don't have any gaps in your diet.

It simply aids the convenience of the program and insures you don't miss any diet days by forgetting to re-order your next month's supply of food in good time. You can cancel any time by phone using the number published on the official company website before the next delivery is scheduled to be shipped.

The Price of Losing Weight with Nutrisystem

what does nutrisystem cost per monthIt is probably fair to say that for most people, losing some weight is a personal thing and how they go about achieving it is often different to other people.

Some look at the results a certain plan or program brings to other people, while others look at the cost and whether they think it is worth them spending their money and giving their time and effort to a particular program.

Others still look to see if they can afford a diet like Nutrisystem

When it comes to the cost of losing weight, it is not quite as cut and dried as many people think when they see the price in front of them in black and white. Especially when there is a discount code or promo deal on offer.

The first thing you have to remember with this particular diet program is that what you are paying for is food that will totally replace your regular meals.

While there are recommended foods that you can additionally buy to bulk up their meals if you find them too small in portion size, these are not mandatory and you can get along just fine without them. In other words, you can succeed just eating the food they send you, making it even easier than you may have thought it was!

So that means you must deduct the amount you would spend on all your food for a month from the cost of the diet and whatever is left is what you are really paying for it, or what it really costs in real terms.

With some people, that can actually end up being a negative number. That means it is cheaper for them to eat Nutrisystem than their ordinary food

However, with most people it will represent a huge saving on the cost of the diet. Weighing up the Nutrisystem cost can work out to be a very cheap way to lose weight, all in all.

What do you think? Does this not totally sound like the greatest way to get in shape ever!

Last Updated: April 7, 2023

Written by: Natalie Tuffnal

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