Affording a Diet like Nutrisystem

I have always been a fan of keeping things simple when it comes to losing weight, which is why I really have a soft spot for diet delivery plans like Nutrisystem.

They make the whole process just so darn easy it's a wonder more people don't get on this kind of program and start losing weight right away.

It would certainly make a big difference to the statistics of overweight and obese people in the country.

But that's another problem and not one that really concerns me. The reason for that is that thanks to being schooled on eating pretty simple, healthy and wholesome diets and getting enough exercise each day, I don't even have a weight problem!

affording the nutrisystem diet costBut I know of plenty of folks who do have problems with their weight and nearly all of them can be figured out pretty quick when you realize that too many people eat bad diets and don't get nearly enough exercise each day.

For them, the usual excuse is that they simply do not have the time to do any exercise or waste time in the kitchen preparing special diet meals. It's all go, go, go for them.

Convenient Diet

Saving time and effort is where a convenient diet like Nutrisystem really comes into it own.

While it may not get people out of the house and exercising in the fresh air, it at least gives them a calorie controlled, nutritious diet with three meals each day (plus snacks and protein shakes) that are actually pretty tasty and extremely varied so they never get bored with it.

This is a diet that goes for the busy people who don't have time to eat properly, like with real home cooked meals that are prepared with fresh, wholesome ingredients and none of the harmful artificial addtitves that are found in so many off-the-shelf packaged foods these days. It provides all the nutrition to stay healthy in a low calorie package that is so easy, just about anyone can do it.

The Cost of Getting a Healthy Body

Well I was reading up on the overall cost of this dieting program and how best to calculate it into real figures, which prompted me to write this article: What Does Nutrisystem Cost Per Month the other day.

You know, it really surprised me just how cheap it actually works out at when you take the basic prices and start calculating them as day to day costs, then compare that with what you're already spending on your normal food each day.

I calculated that on general I spend around twenty dollars a day on regular food, which comes out at around six hundred dollars a month. But a month supply of meals from Nutrisystem is almost half that cost, so even if you are really frugal and can somehow manage to live on just ten bucks a day, this dieting program is still only going to cost you a little more than that over a month.

Now as far as I can see, that is really cheap for a great diet that works so well!


It amazes me how there are still so many overweight people walking around when there are such effective and affordable solutions like this readily available for anyone to get working with.

So I need to ask you this: What excuses will you find today to stay overweight when there is a really aweseome weight loss diet resource as affordable and enjoyable as Nutrisystem right there at your fingertips?

It's a shame that so many of us can easily say all the reasons why we can't do something like lose weight, get hung up on all the things that are stopping us and eagerly describe all the obstacles that are getting in our way to anyone who cares to listen.

Yet the reality is that it is not so difficult to say to ourselves that we CAN do it and then to go and go right ahead and just DO IT!.

Written by: Natalie Tuffnal