Nutrisystem Auto Delivery Explained

One of the less understood aspects of the Nutrisystem diet program is their Auto Delivery service, which I will explain here on this page to help customers get the most from their diets.

Most people know the basics of this program. However, not everyone is aware of the implications of it.

Be prepared for a wake up call!

Customers are asked to sign up for auto-delivery to help streamline the delivery process and ensure each subsequent month of meals arrives before the previous one has been completed.

It is also a stipulation for accepting a first month discount deal, as is often advertised by the company.

You should be aware of this information before you sign up to the program. It is important in order to avoid any additional fees that may have been overlooked.

Why is Auto-Delivery Necessary?

The company is in the diet and weight loss business to make its profit, first and foremost. Always remember that!

They advertise great offers, like money off the first month or free weeks of meals. However, customers still have to pay.

If the customer doesn't pay the advertised Nutrisystem cost, the company won't make their profit.

There is no free lunch, no matter how much you want there to be. Nutrisystem employs a lot of people and they all need to be paid their monthly salary check.

Delivery drivers, packers and everyone else that keep the wheels turning need to be paid to ship the food to you.

Workers in the company are responsible for preparing the food, packaging it all up and preparing your order.

Customer support representatives need to be paid for answering calls.

You may believe that you are only paying for the raw ingredients, meaning the food that arrives at your home. But in the grand scheme of things, the cost of a customer's meal is the final expense in the company's budget.

The Price is Right

The prices of the diet plans are set so that everyone gets paid and the company can make money.

As we all know, a business without a profit is likely to go out of business soon. So a profit must be made.

The company has to make up for the money needed to pay the employees. To do so, they offer customers a second month at the regular price (I expand on this in my review of Nutrisystem article). This is how the delivery system works.

How to Cancel Nutrisystem Auto Delivery

So, how do you go about canceling Nutrisystem Auto Delivery so no more food packages get shipped out to your home?

Well, it is important that you get in touch with the company to confirm that you want to end auto delivery.

The number is: 1-877-338-8446

This is the most current number available on the official website. It was correct at the time I last updated this article (see below).

Not the Website

The Nutrisystem website is not the place to cancel, so don't waste time searching around there and getting all stressed out.

Call the number above (before 6pm ET).

Early Cancellation Penalty

You should also be aware that if you took advantage of a discount, early cancellation (before you have paid for at least two months of food) is not advisable.

You will have to pay the difference between the price you paid and what the food cost for the first month. If you were given free shipping, you might be liable for shipping costs.

It is possible that this penalty will be deducted from the credit card you used to sign-up for. Whether you knew it or not, you accepted those terms when you accepted the discount offer.

No Free Lunch

Some people try to take advantage of the first month discount and believe all they have to do is cancel before the next package gets shipped and they will have gotten a month of real cheap diet meals.

The problem is that's not the case. The discount offer was to attract new customers, but the rules of accepting that discount is you are signed up for auto-delivery and you are expected to pay for at least one more month at full price.

Like I said at the start of this page, there is no free lunch!

Many dieters don't have any problems because they commit to dieting for at least two or more months in any case. This is the kind of commitment you need to make if you're serious about losing weight long term.

So whether you chose a Nutrisystem for men or for women plan, if you have paid for and received your second month of food, canceling after this is no problem and there is no penalty.

If you're still not sure about this , all the information about auto-delivery is available to read on the official Nutrisystem website.

Last Update: December 4, 2023

Written by: Natalie Tuffnal