Nutrisystem for Men Review (Get the Edge Over Regular Diet)

If you're a man and you need to lose weight without the hassle of a diet sheet or strict eating regime, you're probably curious to know more about how Nutrisystem for Men can help you.

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Not all men have the time or the inclination to spend several hours every week working out in a gym. Or running every morning.

Or even working on one form or another of healthy, low calorie diet with all the food preparation, measuring or counting calories.

Perhaps that's you?

Are you leading a busy life trying to cram so much into it without leaving time to properly look after yourself.

Problem is that when you're out of shape, overweight and having to wear extra large clothes to hide the flab, life is passing you by.

And you're missing out. Guess what? You know what you need to do!

Join the millions: Lose weight and keep it off!
That's the latest, greatest way you can take advantage of Nutrisystem diet plans specifically for men. The upgraded plans come with new bars, great new metabolism boosters and shakes.

They're specially designed for guys looking for faster results and a quicker road to a slimmer, fitter looking body.

Remember, this program is also very affordable, with the Nutrisystem cost per month staying lower than most other similar programs. For currrent pricing plus information on the current discount offer, check their website by clicking the link below.

You Can Change

Maybe you're noticing, perhaps with a tinge of envy, those certain guys that look in great shape.

nutrisystem for menThey always seem to be the center of attention... you know, the main attraction.

That hurts. But you know you have a choice.

You can choose to get in shape.

To be as attractive and look as great as all the slim, fit guys you secretly wish were you.

You can be that guy!
Well, the good news is you CAN be that guy. You CAN get slim and fit looking. All you need to do is want it bad enough.

That's when you'll take action to set the wheels in motion... to be that guy!

The first step is to start eating like a slim guy.

Don't Have Time to Diet?

For those who simply don't have so much spare time to diet because of their lifestyle choices, demands of their job or whatever, there is a solution.

You need to maintain a healthy weight and now you can do that by getting with the program and integrating a selection of specialized diet plans just for men, from Nutrisystem.

The Nutrisystem for Men diet plans include variations of their regular diet plan. It includes the flexibility to tailor your own menu from their large selection of healthy, low calorie diet meals.

You choose the meals you prefer to eat from their extensive menu from any one of the main plans:

It's also worth knowing that there are plans that also cater for the specialized needs of diabetics or for men over the age of 50 or so. This is important as men's needs can change with age as well as with different medical conditions.

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Which Plan is Right for You?

All you need to do now is choose which plan is the right one for you. The top 4 options include those from the list above.

nutrisystem for men typical meal image
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The Gender Difference

So how does the Nutrisystem for Men diets differ from tho plans designed for women?

Well, there are no huge changes to the diet home delivery meals themselves, but more of a change in the way the menu is arranged to provide more of the foods that men prefer to eat. Plus you get an extra snack bar to eat between meals. You may be surprised to learn that some of those meals actually include pizza, hamburgers and fries!

Nutrisystem have pulled out all the stops to create a menu that is not only healthy, low in saturated fats and high GI carbohydrates while being low in calories, but varied and interesting enough to keep a man interested in sticking to the diet. That's a powerful strategy designed to prevent a guy from going off and finding those high calorie foods to snack on elsewhere.

This is an ingenious move by the company that makes its diet plans so convenient that you don't need to even go to the grocery store to buy food if you don't want to. That's because they provide absolutely everything you need to cover all your meals for a four week period.

While the meals are of necessity smaller than you may be used to, it is important to remember why you are eating them, which is to lose weight! Nobody lost weight by continuing to eat large meals!

In addition to the three diet meals on the menu every day, Nutrisystem provides you with a protein shake per day and three additional protein snack bars (the women's plans contain two) that you can eat in between meals to stave off any hunger pangs and to satisfy any craving to eat bad, high calorie snacks. But you can do one or two extra things for yourself that will help you even more.

So it makes sense to get used to eating less if you really want to curb your weight and return to living in a slim and fit looking body that you would be proud to show off at the beach. There are some techniques that you can use to help you stay on track:

Drink Water

You really ought to do this in any case, whether you are on a diet or not and that is to drink a glass or two of plain water just before you eat a meal. Drinking water is a clever technique that primes your stomach for your meal and helps it to send the signals to your brain that it is full sooner.

I know a lot of guys prefer to drink a "man's" drink like beer. Or if they're not drinkers, then maybe they'll chug a root beer or soda to quench their thirst.

lemon waterHowever, that's a trap that so many guys fall into and never realize it's one of the major weight gain problems that's hidden in plain sight. Almost all commercially produced drinks from alcoholic to non-alcoholic cold beverages contain a lot of sugar or sweeteners.

Plain sugar (sucrose) is bad enough, but most sodas and other sweetened drinks use a substitute called High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS). That substance has become widely recognized as a major cause of obesity!

Without going into great detail here (I'll leave that for the doctors or chemistry majors), HFCS is not immediately recognized by the liver as a sugar it can break down into glucose. So it sends it all straight to fat storage where some of it builds up in the liver and the rest goes to your abdomen as dangerous visceral (belly) fat.

The simplest and most effective way to avoid ingesting this substance is to simply avoid drinking soda and other sweetened drinks altogether!

It can seem tough at first, but it is so worth it. When you consider one regular can of soda packs around 400 empty calories, it doesn't take a whole load of working out to see that avoiding it will greatly reduce your size over a surprisingly short period of time!

You can make plain water a little more interesting by adding some freshly squeezed lemon or lime juice to it. My favorite trick is to fill a pint jug with water with fresh lemon juice added and keep it in the fridge.

So whenever I need a refreshing cool drink that tastes nice and has zero calories, that's my go to solution!

But if you can get to make the change to plain water and not see it as an unmanly thing to drink, you can do it!

Eat Slowly

Eating your meal slowly, more deliberately and without distractions also helps with the digestive process so that more of the nutrients in the food you eat are taken up by the body and less fat is stored.

Distractions take your attention away from your food which can lead you to eat more quickly and make digestion less effective leading to higher levels of fat storage.

Put down your fork after each bite and don't pick it up again until you have thoroughly chewed your food and swallowed it. Make sure you take the time to really taste each mouthful of food. This is a surprisingly important aspect of the digestion process which many of us in our fast paced lives have forgotten to do any more.

The big takeaway from this simple yet effective technique is that eating slowly can help you feel full faster and for longer after you've finished your meal!

Avoid Distractions While You Eat

Avoid eating in sight (or earshot) of the TV, radio or other sound system (listening to music with a fast beat makes you eat faster).

Don't read a newspaper or magazine either, as they take your attention away from what you're eating.

When you're not paying attention to what you're eating, it is way too easy to overeat without realizing it. Your stomach knows when it's full, but the signal that is being sent to your brain is not getting there in time when your brain is busy focusing on something else!

What's more, it's common to eat more quickly when you're not thinking about the food you're putting in your mouth. That doesn't give your body a chance to digest the food properly and so much of it gets stored away as fat for later use. And later never comes!

Believe it or not, you really want to have all your attention on eating your meal.

These few techniques really can help to prevent overeating, which often happens when we eat too quickly or are not paying proper attention to our food. They also improve the digestive process which means we store less fat, which is the main goal of any weight loss diet.

So do you believe this is the solution you've been seeking?

It's just below, staring right back at you!

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Imagine... how great you'll feel by losing weight so easily on this diet...

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Finally, it's well worth remembering that the catalyst that will make you change your eating habits is simply this:

Your decision to do it.

Once you have decided, you can get started with a Nutrisystem diet plan for men to make the transition easier and surprise yourself at how much weight you really can lose when you put your mind to it!

Last Updated: December 6, 2023

Written by: Natalie Tuffnal