Diet Does Affect Health: Where Nutrisystem Can Help

If you're concerned that your diet does affect your health and where Nutrisystem can help, this article explains the relationship between them and how you can improve.

Knowing how what you eat plays a major role in the state of your health can be a game changer.

That's because with that knowledge and with the help of a Nutrisystem diet plan, you can make the right changes.

The effect your food has on your weight is obvious, but there is much to learn if you want to lose weight as well as improve your well being as well.

Is What You Are Eating Healthy?

If you're working on a diet from Nutrisystem, it's good to know that the food they provide is generally a lot healthier than the store-bought processed and junk food that it's replacing.

diet affects healthSo when you talk about your health, can you say with your hand on your heart that you are enjoying your food?

What about if you're not really enjoying what you're eating?

How often do you register the connection with your state of health and what you are eating most of the time?

There is really no getting away from it, the old saying "you are what you eat" is pretty accurate on so many levels. Yet it's baffling that so few people actually get it!

Part of the problem that many people have is working out how diet affects health in the first place.

It's easy to say that you should eat this or that and not eat this and not drink that, but the big question that everyone wants to ask is WHY?

Why Can't I Eat That?

Why can't you eat that juicy hamburger and large fries then wash it down with a king size soda?

Or why can't you happily tuck into that amazingly large sandwich filled with just about everything conceivable? And why must you only eat salads and steamed vegetables and drink only plain water?

Well, just reading that last two short paragraphs will bring about a knowing nod of the head for most people. That's because we all know that doctors and dietitians tell us that we should eat the healthy sounding things and not eat all the other great tasting things we really want to eat!

The reasons are pretty simple too, when you stop and think about them. A good rule of thumb is to ensure that you eat predominantly real food (as opposed to processed food), which means you have to prepare and cook it yourself and not get it from a packet!

Junk or fast food like hamburgers, hot dogs, pizza etc and fried foods in general are all bad for our health because of the high levels of saturated fats they contain, as well as bunch of artificial additives to make them taste so good that we want to eat them all the time.

We want to eat them all the more because a lot of those additives when combined with the saturated fats and added sugar actually make these foods slightly addictive!

Some diet meal delivery companies like Nutrisystem are aware of this problem and go to great lengths to ensure the food they deliver is as healthful and wholesome as possible.

No Soda Please!

Soda is a real bad choice of drink because it is a lot of empty calories that end up on the waistline because the body can't burn the energy in most cases.

drinking sodaSo the insulin rush that accompanies the rush of sugar from soda causes all that excess sugar to be carried out of the bloodstream and stored as the most dangerous kind of fat when it comes to our health, which is visceral fat (belly fat).

Why are salads and vegetables are good for us? Because they don't contain artificial additives or added sugar and they don't contain any saturated fats.

They do contain a lot of the important nutrients our bodies need for a healthy state of being and plain water is the perfect thing to hydrate those bodies. Again because it's pure, free of any additives or sugar and is what our bodies are mostly made up of (70% water).

As with most things, as long as you keep to a relatively simple diet that provides all the nutrition your body needs without all the extra baggage of processed junk, you should be fine. If it means you have a better chance of winning with an easy diet solution, that's all the better for you!

What You Should and Should Not Eat

There are many foods that you should eat for maximum health benefits. These mainly fall into the "fresh produce" category, which are foods that literally come fresh from the grower without having been altered or added to in any way.

That means fresh picked vegetables, fruits, nuts, herbs etc that you need to prepare and cook yourself to make healthy, wholesome meals. The best thing to drink is plain water, because it hydrates and keeps your body working in good order.

If you stick to the "fresh" property of the food you buy, it is a good rule of thumb and you shouldn't go too far astray from a healthful diet.

You need to exercise some common sense with what you buy, of course. You can surprise yourself at how clever your own intuition can be, especially when it comes to keeping the monthly cost of meals to within your household budget.

So of all the foods I believe you should not eat, I like to include many manufactured drinks as well.

Stay away from any processed foods and that pretty well includes just about everything you buy in a packet or a can from the store. To make food keep for the longest time on the shelves, the manufacturers add additives, preservatives, colors and all kinds of other unhealthy stuff.

They add sodium, flavorings and sweeteners to make the food more palatable, but really it just takes all the more artificial and to my taste buds, that's bad.

Same goes for drinks that come in cans or tetra pak cubes like soda, fruit drinks that are not pure juice and those highly hyped sports drinks. They all contain too much sugar or other sweeteners that are going to make you gain weight, plus they contain way too many artificial additives for my liking.

They are all detrimental to your health if consumed regularly and often.

This article is not going to go deeply into listing all the foods that we can and can't eat, or it will be as long as a book! Suffice it to say that these are just the basic things you need to know about eating and drinking sensibly to enjoy better health. The rest is up to you!


Whether you are dieting with Nutrisystem or another program, the best results you will get with regards to weight loss and improved health will be decided by the wholesomeness of the food you are eating.

While it is very convenient and easy to follow a meal delivery plan, it pays to look closely at what food is supplied and use common sense to decide if it is healthy or not.

Last Updated: October 13, 2022