Fast Food is Bad: How Does Nutrisystem Stack Up?

Whatever you may think of it, fast food is bad in general for your health and diet, but how does Nutrisystem stack up against it in terms of nutrition and healthfulness?

Are the meals served up by Nutrisystem better for your health than what you can buy in the supermarket or at a fast food restaurant or takeaway?

Nearly all fast food contains additives that are not conducive to a healthy disposition and by their very nature, you are prompted to eat the meal faster than is good for your digestion, which is another reason it is bad for you!

So is there anything good about fast or junk food?

Are there Any Fast Food Benefits?

fast food is bad for your healthThe only real benefits that can be said of fast (junk) food is down to its very nature. The stuff is served up pretty quickly and eaten equally as quickly, thereby saving you time.

In fact, eating in this way sort of almost bypasses the enjoyment factor that we humans are meant to enjoy from eating, no matter what the regular cost of the food may be. It actually re-labels it as something that has to be done and gotten out of the way as quick as possible to make way for doing something else with the time it saved.

This is actually a terrible way to live. If you look at the way in which many families in European countries treat their meal times you would probably have your jaw drop in disbelief.

In countries like France, Spain and Italy, they may spend two or three hours over the main meal of the day, which comes out in several small courses.

Families get together around a large table and enjoy conversation, good company and fortify their meal with a glass or two of red wine.

To the average American, this may seem like an amazing waste of valuable time! However, the average American works way too long hours and spends too much of what spare time they have left slumped in front of the television.

And that wholly unhealthy pastime is made possible because they didn't spend it eating, socializing and family bonding!

Slow Food and Health

What is really going on with the Europeans and their extended meal times is a marvel of healthy processes. Here's why:

By eating many small courses, they don't stuff their faces full of everything on the plate in a matter of minutes, but eat small portions slowly. There are many benefits to be had when you eat your food slowly.

This is good for the digestion because it allows the body to process the meal much more slowly and efficiently. The inclusion of red wine is not just for its alcohol content, but red wine is a digestive aid as well as containing healthful antioxidants and other good health giving properties not found in any other alcoholic beverage.

The other thing is that most real food served up to European tables is freshly home cooked and made from fresh, whole-food ingredients. Rarely does anything ever come out of a packet and there are subsequently no harmful additives, preservatives or nasty artificial flavors or sweeteners in there.

There is always a good balance of meats, fish, dairy, vegetables and fruits. This provides a balanced meal of proteins and carbohydrates along with all important dietary fiber and healthy as well as essential oils.

Note: Europeans prefer to use olive oil with all its health benefits in place of the unhealthy vegetable (seed) oils and trans fats preferred by Americans.

There is also a great reliance by European cookery on flavorings from natural herbs and spices along with onions and garlic. The last two are also very high on the health scale and are major reasons that people who eat high levels of them tend to live longer and enjoy better overall health and weight level.

Traditional Eating

traditional family mealA lot can be learned from the way in which the French, Spanish and Italians eat in the traditional ways.

Sure, fast food has invaded those shores and younger generations are being tempted away from tradition by clever television advertising to get them to eat junk food in preference to what is really good for them.

But many families still get together to eat traditional meals each day.

But anyone with any sense will see the wisdom in eating healthily and making time to eat properly. It's all part of making the most of the food you have available while winning with an easy diet solution.

Losing Weight with Nutrisystem

On the flip side, there are many people with weight problems that they want to solve, with Nutrisystem being one of the most popular meal delivery diet options chosen.

Here is a diet plan that is designed to help people get used to eating smaller portions and fewer calories throughout the day. This can help in the long term as long as a dieter sticks with this new way of eating meals after the diet has ended, as many actually do.

While the composition of the meals will never be a match for good traditional home cooking, they at least offer thousands of people a better choice of healthier meals than is otherwise available in the stores and fast food eating establishments.


It just makes so much good sense to eat slowly and make sure that the food you eat is freshly prepared and cooked at home.

Making your own meals is far superior from a health standpoint than relying on pre-made, processed food products sold by companies whose only real loyalty is to their shareholders to make as much money as possible.

Yet when you don't have time to prep and cook your own meals and you need to lose weight, Nutrisystem can come to the rescue, making it a far better option than living on takeouts and junk.

When you can, it is far better to follow your own common sense and choose to buy fresh, whole foods (preferably organic) to make your own, healthy meals from.

Last Updated: October 6, 2022