Weight Loss Tips for Women

What are those elusive, yet tangible tips that will help women to lose weight more easily than most of the things that are available these days?

We all know that dieting and getting some exercise is the best way of losing weight, but on their own or together, they are not the easiest!

No one likes to deprive themselves of the food they like to eat and if that's not bad enough, who in their right minds wants to exercise until they drop to a DVD of some celebrity diva getting the lowdown from their very fit and adorable personal trainer - who more often than not happens to be a man!

So this post is for all you girls out there who are looking for easy and want it to work.

How Hard Can It Be?

weight loss for womenThere is a saying that it is harder for a woman to lose weight than it is for a man.

Well that may have something to do with muscles, but there are also a lot of women that have a lot more determination and motivation to lose weight than do their male counterparts.

It doesn't help opening a magazine only to be facing a lithe young body laughing back at you. Or turning on the TV to see yet another fashion parade populated with totally anorexic stick figures parading up and down the catwalk wearing what can only be described as interestingly arranged pieces of cloth and other materials that vaguely resemble something your crazy old aunt would wear to take out the trash.

OK, enough posturing and ranting about the way things are for women who are too often planted on the bathroom scales and not wanting to believe what they are seeing.

There has to be a way to lose weight easily that works for women and is effective. Well, there is! It goes in three steps, but the first step is probably the most interesting.

Step 1

It can also be a little expensive, but worth the outlay. When you think about it, what is the actual cost to you of not doing this?

It involves visiting a nutritionist to learn exactly what you need from a diet personally and individually to you. That's because off the shelf slimmers' diets are a bit hit and miss and might work for you or they might not.

When you have a detailed personal diet sheet drawn up by a professional who will take the time to learn a lot about you, your physical aspects, character traits and lifestyle, you end up with something that will give you the right information to work with for you.

Step 2

Armed with the diet information that is particular to you and the way you live, you can then choose to find an off the shelf diet that matches your own personalized plan, or you can set about doing some shopping for all the ingredients that will enable you to do it and make some amazing low calorie meals for yourself. A tip here is that the do it yourself method is far better for you, because you get to have total control over what goes into your food and hence your diet.

By the way, if you can't cook, now would be a very good time to learn!

Step 3

Once you have got your diet right and are putting only good things into your body, it is time to do something to make the most of those good things to work even harder in your favour to help the weight loss process go a little faster and a little more positively. OK, I'm talking about exercise, but it doesn't have to be strenuous or horrible.

It can take the form of going for long walks (not strolls, but vigorous walks). It can be going to the pool to swim some lengths with different styles, then finish off having some fun with friends in the water. Or it can be joining a group who play a fun sport like volleyball, badminton, even tennis if you like. You choose, but you have to do something active.

If you spend a lot of time in front of the television, you will have to give up some of that time to get up and out and doing something active.

Television is a way of wasting your life because it does you no good, teaches you nothing apart from filling your head full of advertiser's pushy sales pitches and only rarely ever actually entertains you because most of the programs are rubbish! So ditch the TV and start living again!

Yes you can!

If you really want to lose weight, you are going to have to take some of the responsibility for making it happen. It won't happen if you just sit there wrapped up in some awful soap opera or addicted to some terrible series that will end up sucking the life out of you and stealing your time.

There is more to doing this than just finding the most convenient diet for moms out there and trying it for a few weeks then giving up because the weight isn't coming off fast enough. Use your time to get healthy and then live life the way it was meant to be lived. To the full, in a healthy body that is less likely to be beset with illness or lack of energy.

Read all you can and learn as much as you can about the weight loss tips that are available to help you. One last thing and that is to stay positive and believe in yourself. Yes you can!